January 5-7
Anatomy of the hips
Externally rotated poses
Sun Salutation A

January 26-28
Anatomy of the knee
Neutral and Symmetrical Poses
Sun Salutation B

February 16-18
Anatomy of the ankle and foot
Forward folds

March 9-11
Anatomy of the spine
Twisting poses

March 23-26
Anatomy of the shoulder

April 13-15
Anatomy of the elbow and hand
Arm balances

May 4-6
Anatomy of the Nervous System

May 18-20
Anatomy Review
The Business of Yoga
Final Exam

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

This program is for both students who are looking for the knowledge to become quality yoga teachers, as well as students who just want to deepen their own understanding of yoga. Over the course of eight weekends, you will receive instruction on anatomy and alignment, sequencing, adjustments and modifications in poses, yoga philosophy, and teaching methodology. 

Limitless Yoga Studio is an accredited school with Yoga Alliance

Dates and Times

Fridays 5:30-8:30pm
Saturdays 11am-6:30pm
Sundays 9am-5:30pm

January 5-7; 26-28
February 16-18
March 9-11; 23-26
April 13-15
May 4-6; 18-20

Tuition and Payment Options
**Tuition Includes**
-All books and materials you will need for the course
-One month of limitless yoga
-Discounted rate of $30 for limitless yoga for the duration of the   training. 

Option 1
Nonrefundable deposit of $200 by November 1st and remaining payment of $1900 in full by January 5th (total $2,100)
Option 2
Nonrefundable deposit of $300 by December 1st and $500 on Jan. 5, Feb. 16th, March 2nd and March 23rd (total $2,300)
Option 3
Nonrefundable deposit of $500 by January 5th and $275 at each of the 7 weekends of training (total $2.425) 

Ready to take that first step towards an amazing journey? Call the studio or stop by to get your enrollment pack!