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Come join the Wichita community in a celebration of all things yoga at this two day outdoor festival held at the Wichita WaterWalk! There are over 20 classes/activities to choose from representing all different styles of yoga plus a Marketplace with vendors and local artisans.

Studios involved include: Limitless Yoga Studio, Hot Asana, Satya Moon, Opti-Life, Ganesh, Yoga Central, Sunshine Family Yoga, Expressing Oneness, Flow Foundry and Wichita Body Studio

Interested Vendors please see the Events/Buy Tickets tab to check out the Vendor Application
Interested Sponsors, please email through the Contact Me tab.We have just a few available opportunities at the Bronze($250) Level. Each sponsorship comes with a free booth at the Marketplace ($100 value), 2 VIP tickets to the event, dedicated social media posts, and your logo on the official festival shirt.




Friday September 20th

VIP Event at the Wichita Waterwalk (VIP ticket required)
Registration and Check-in- grab your welcome packet and festival tshirt
Champagne toast- grab a glass and start mingling
Lululemon VIP shopping- be the first to shop for your favorite festival clothing

Glow in the Dark Yoga Class (wear your glow gear)
Let’s light up the night as we flow in the dark! Wear all your glow in the dark accessories, so you shine during this fun filled hour long class.

Cocktail Hour with the Exclusive Events Bar-your first drink is on us, but feel free to purchase more of your favorites afterwards

Saturday September 21st

Check-in and Registration-grab your welcome packet and festival tshirt from the WaterWalk Gazebo

9am-6pm Marketplace Shopping
Find all your favorite vendors in one place! Local artists, craftsmen and businesses will be set up for you to browse, support, and buy!

Opening Announcements
Morning Meditation with Amber Davey
Meditation is the process of intentionally turning your attention inward away from external stressors. By consciously bringing awareness to a specific point of focus such as the breath, visualization or mantra one can reach a state of deep focus and calm. Students will receive guided instruction from an experienced teacher, then sit quietly with the group and continue the practice together. Learning in person from a teacher and in a group setting can be helpful when learning a new skill. All levels, no previous meditation experience required. 

All Levels Flow Class with Kelsea Wright
Flow through a class designed for every level of yogi. We will warm up component parts of the body before building length and strength towards a peak pose with lots of options for modifications and/or advancements along the way. Special focus will be given to properly aligning the body in poses to create a safe yoga practice for everyone.
Intro To the Yoga Sutras with Christince Vumai
This is an introduction to the basic principles of yoga outlined by Patanjali in the Yoga Sutras. You will walk away with a deeper understanding of what it means to be a yogi and practical ways to apply this ancient philosophy into your daily life.  
Hula Hoop FUNdamentals with Christina Duncan (limited space)
Get in touch with the hoop as a fitness prop and dance partner while engaging your entire body in fun, basic hoop tricks and flow-activating drills, working with breath and balance, encouraging your blossoming dance expression.

Mindful Yoga Flow Class with Nicole Scheopner
This class will utilize foundational yoga poses and purposeful movement to bring the mind into the present moment.  At the end of class, participants will have the opportunity to experience a brief mindfulness meditation. All are welcome to this yoga class! No previous experience with yoga is necessary to participate.
Kids Yoga Class with Laura Jo Peck (FREE, no festival ticket required)
For kids ages 6-12, all abilities. Let’s focus on joyful movement and creative thinking, as well as introducing yoga postures and breath. Class theme encompasses positive self-esteem and personal affirmations, equipping each child to see the light in themselves and those around them
Vibration & Restoration with Jason Eric Belair
Deeply surrender beyond stiffness and painful limitations to the sound of live gong & flute music. You will open up a few key tension areas of the body, re-balance the brain hemispheres and restore the whole self to a more natural state of being. Besides the soothing rhythms of the music, the frequencies produced ripple through the body to give some what of a “cellular massage” to provide more effortless benefits.
Aerial Yoga with Christina Duncan (limited space)
Float, fly, flip and hang in an exciting and challenging aerial fitness and dance class! We will test our physical and mental strength, invert and learn poses and tricks on the aerial fabrics.
Paddleboard Yoga with David Stockemer (limited space, sign up required)
This fun and unique class is for everyone, from beginners to well practiced yogis alike. All asanas (poses) will be practiced on a Paddleboard anchored in the Arkansas river with detailed instructions and modifications to help keep you dry! Come expecting a bit of a challenge to your balance and focus, but also a great time all around. Space is limited, you must sign up on Saturday morning during the check-in time. This class is not included in your general admission ticket and is $10 per person.

12-1pm Lunch Break with Food Trucks and Marketplace Shopping!

Acro Yoga Foundations Class with Loc Le, Jeana Reed, Roxanne Nelson
AcroYoga is an exciting practice which combines the wisdom and mindfulness of yoga with communicative connection of partner acrobatics! Push your edges and discover your inner power in a fun, supportive and safe environment. This class is suitable for any level, no partner needed. 
Meditation Workshop: Creating Space In Your Busy Life with Amber Davey
During this workshop, we will explore basic meditation practices and gain practical tips. Shambhava meditation practices are simple, yet effective tools to bring more compassion and connection to your daily life. Mindfulness, breath awareness techniques, practical tips and deep relaxation practices are included. No yoga or meditation experience is necessary, bring a notebook.
Kundalini Yoga Class with Jana Malanado
Kundalini is called the householders Yoga. It is a technology for everyone at any age or fitness level. The practice is one of healing and releasing long held blocks, allowing you to move forward fearlessly in life and be a more authentic self. Now more that ever it is important to make the connection to our higher consciousness and find our inner light.
Aerial Yoga with Christina Duncan (limited space)
Paddleboard Yoga with David Stockemer (limited space, sign up required)

Intro to Ashtanga Class with Christince Vumai
This introductory class to Ashtanga yoga will challenge and center you. Suitable for all levels; expect to focus on your breath, stretch and strengthen, and honor this rich lineage of yoga. Ashtanga is a no frills, purposeful practice.
Moving Breath and Balancing Energy with Katarina Gavin
The guiding principle behind Pranayama is that we all hold physical or emotional blocks in our bodies which inhibit the flow of breath and of prana - life energy. We will explore various pranayama techniques that will allow us to experience the movement of breath and energy through our bodies in a new and profound way. The student will be able to feel the incredible shifts in the body, brain and energy centers. Please bring a notebook and something to write with.
Acro Yoga Workshop with Loc Le, Jeana Reed, Roaxanna Nelson
Washing Machines are a set of AcroYoga postures that can be repeated an infinite amount of times in an endless loop.  Ninja star will consist of 3 AcroYoga postures, sidestar, bat, and reverse bird. These three moves will be combined to create a beautiful endless loop.  We will look at this washing machine in separate pieces before uniting them at the end.
Aerial Yoga with Christina Duncan (limited space)
Paddleboard Yoga with David Stockemer (limited space,sign up required )

Vinyasa Flow Class with Jackie Tabor
 A dynamic Vinyasa flow class focused on building strength, serenity, flexibility and balance emphasizing the linking of breath with movement. Concluding with a loving kindness meditation. This class is appropriate for beginners. 
Arm Balance Workshop with Kelsea Wright
Learn arm balances from the foundation up by working on their component parts and discovering what areas of the body are involved in each pose. Focus will be placed on what muscles help us to balance body weight on our hands, as well as what you can do to strengthen those areas.
Journey Beyond The Mind with Jason Eric Belair
Meditation and Mindfulness can appear as a challenging, mysterious practice to beginners and advanced students alike.  It often frustrates us into giving up completely, so why not simplify and have fun? Here you will have the opportunity to go beyond the mind and its limited mastery of technique and rest into the experience of meditation.  Supported with yoga nidra introduction and live therapeutic music to relax the body and open the doorway, you can safely journey on your own from now on.
Aerial Yoga with Christina Duncan (limited space)
Paddleboard Yoga with David Stockemer (limited space, sign up required)

Satya Flow Class with Katarina Gavin

This signature class, weaves 30 + years of teaching yoga, as well as other movement modalities, into a unique, uplifting, powerful vinyasa flow. Using a Somatic approach to connect the mind and body in a way that makes strength and mobility effortless. Come with an open mind and be ready to explore movement possibilities on a whole new level. 
Mindfulness 101 Workshop with Nicole Scheopner
This workshop will offer instruction on the basics of Mindfulness with the opportunity to participate in brief, guided meditation practices. Mindfulness does not require that we “sit still” or “stop thinking” to reap the benefits of the practice. It simply asks that we be present in the moment. The Mindfulness practice refines our attention so we can connect fully to whatever life brings.
Intro to Reiki with Danielle McCoy
This workshop will focus on the history of Reiki, its benefits, and the tradition that it follows.  We will also play with and discuss other forms of energy healing that use shapes, colors, hand position, and visualization.
Aerial Yoga with Christina Duncan (limited space)
Paddleboard Yoga with David Stockemer (limited space, sign up required)

Mindfulness Movement Class with Kasey Parsons
Cultivate energy and stand in your power. Build confidence and calm with this vinyasa class that incorporates movement, meditation and mudras to center yourself and be fully present. This class is designed to build confidence and find power in being centered and calm. Low to medium intensity vinyasa flow. 
Thai Yoga Massage Workshop with Amy Waliczek
Thai massage is a blend of acupressure, reflexology, gentle stretching  and yoga postures which manipulate the energy lines within the body. The techniques alleviate tension and create a feeling of well being and vitality.   You will be partnering up so prepare to relax and enjoy. 
Fire Back presentation with Jared Estes
Jared is an inspirational speaker as well as a resilience trainer for the U.S. Military. He travels all over the world offering a wealth of perspective to a wide variety of audiences about the many hardships and lessons that come with struggle, loss, and pain. Life can be incredibly difficult for all of us at times, and there is no gauge for what is better or worse when we are struggling with something. It is all consuming whether we are facing a tragedy or those day to day stresses which can often feel like the weight of the world. Jared strives to use his story to shine a light on the importance of not only coping with stressful days or enduring those dark seasons, but how we can find purpose and discover our potential within them.
Aerial Yoga with Christina Duncan (limited space)
Paddleboard Yoga with David Stockemer (limited space, sign up required)

Closing Ceremony 

Your ticket includes all the listed classes except for Paddleboard Yoga. You can sign up for Paddleboard Yoga during Registration on Saturday morning for $10 a person