Class Descriptions 


Gentle Yoga 

Come learn the fundamental poses of yoga as you gently work towards gaining flexibility and strength. Props will be used to support you and keep you safe while still allowing students to feel all the benefits that yoga is known for. This class is unheated and is held in Studio 2.  It is great for beginners, expectant mothers, or students who want to stretch problem areas.  

Yoga 101  

This unheated class will focus on the foundations of yoga, strengthening and lengthening those common problem areas. Learn to connect your movement with your breath as you transition between the primary poses of yoga.  This is the perfect opportunity for beginners, or yogis who want to review the basics.

Level 1 Hot

This class is perfect for beginners or anyone who wants a review. Learn the building blocks of poses, including alignment points and safe transitions. Begin to build both flexibility and strength while learning about the benefits of yoga. This class is heated to 85 degrees and is held in Studio 1. 

Hot Yoga

These classes are held in our larger heated Studio 1. The room will be kept between 85 and 90 degrees to help warm up the muscles and encourage a deeper stretch, while still remaining safe in the body.  Yogis will flow through poses connecting their breath with the movements. Options for arm balances and inversions will be given throughout the class if you wish to challenge yourself, but are not expected. This class is for everyone! 

Hot Express 

This 45 minute lunchtime class is a chance to get in, get out, and get on with your day, all with the benefits of yoga.  The studio will be warmed to 85 degrees to allow muscles to warm up and stretch as we flow through poses. All levels of students are welcome! 

Restorative Yoga

Spend some time just for you finding a deep state of relaxation in this special event yoga class. Using props, you will be able to relax tight muscles without expending any energy. Leave feeling stress free and revitalized. This class is held once a month, check under BUY TICKETS to see dates and times. 

Kids Yoga

 Kid's Yoga will be centered around a different book each month. After reading the book, we will learn yoga poses to help us retell the story and the best part..... YOU KEEP THE BOOK! The class ends with mindfulness activities and a healthy snack. This class is recommended for children ages 4 to 8. Mats are available to borrow at the studio. You can drop off you child and take the hour for yourself, or feel free to stay and watch. This is a special event class and can be found under the BUY TICKETS tab