Yoga Teacher Training Deposit


Yoga Teacher Training Deposit


Tuition and Payment Options
**Tuition Includes**
-All books and materials you will need for the course
-One month of limitless yoga
-Discounted rate of $30 for limitless yoga for the duration of the training. 

Option 1
Nonrefundable deposit of $200 by November 1st and remaining payment of $1900 in full by January 5th (total $2,100)
Option 2
Nonrefundable deposit of $300 by December 1st and $500 on Jan. 5, Feb. 16th, March 2nd and March 23rd (total $2,300)
Option 3
Nonrefundable deposit of $500 by January 5th and $275 at each of the 7 weekends of training (total $2.425) 

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